Friday, November 21, 2014

The Linx 5000

I did not shoot a single roll of film in all my years as a professional photographer. That was until last week. I had been bandying about the idea of picking up a pin hole camera or a Diana, but had yet to pull the trigger.  Fortunately enough for me, I have incredible neighbors. One of the more intrepid of these Munjoy residents stopped by the crib the other day with a handsome, aged leather camera bag. What I found inside I knew almost nothing about, a 1960's 35mm Rangefinder; the Yashica Linx 5000. After polishing up my film loading skills via youtube, I cranked in a roll of b&w and set off for the Eastern Promenade to test out the new old machine...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Been to Bronwyn? T.W. Foods?

This past spring I was lucky enough to work with several renowned chefs in and around Boston for Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay. Tim Wiechmann's two eateries could not be more different; from the rustic southern German fare set out on communal Octoberfest style tables at Bronwyn in Somerville, to the highly refined French cuisine and white table clothes of T.W. Foods in Cambridge. After a couple hours with Tim, as he fired dishes and interacted with his staff, it was clear that both sprang straight from his heart. There is no way for me to pick a favorite, different beasts, as they say. I am a pretzel (and spaetzle!) fan all the way, and those scallops are to die for...

Tune in to see Tim cook in competition on Beat Bobby Flay, Food Network.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Half & Half

Our friends up at Green Bee have a new flavor that I was able to try out after working up product photographs last week. The organic green tea with a lemon twist is an outstanding addition to the lineup, and can even rock as a breakfast drink.