Monday, April 30, 2012

Baggage Battles - worlds colliding

Last month, I shot an episode of Travel Channel's Baggage Battles in Port Newark and Soho.  The timing was fortuitous; flying home from Las Vegas with emilie inc photography (more on that shortly), I hopped off the red eye at JFK, and taxied into the city.  I had a full Thursday to recover before a Friday shoot day.  Posting up at my homie's in midtown, I spent most of the day recovering and eating Chinese delivery, but also busted crosstown to pick up a sound blimp from my old studio on 54th, and kicked it with a couple of my favorite peeps at an old haunt. 

Piling into the crew van early the next morning, it was off to Port Newark's humongous US customs warehouse to open bags and shipping crates.  Worlds collided when we needed an appraisal on three bicycles and headed into Soho and Bicycle Habitat to speak to Charlie McCorkel.  Not only is Charlie the resident expert, and a bicycle guru,  he is also a long time Bullet customer.  Good times all around.

Check out a couple of photos from the episode below, and here is a full gallery on Travel's website.  Baggage Battles premiered on April 11, and airs Wednesdays at 10pm.

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